Stories & Essays

‘Good Sports: athleticism and identity in Irish women’s sports’ in Stranger’s Guide, September 2019

‘Body Clock’ in The Stinging Fly, winter 2009 | reprinted in Stinging Fly Stories (2018)

‘#1 Crush’ in The Elysian: Creative Responses (New Binary Press 2017)

The Fear of Winning ’ in Winter Papers Vol. 2, October 2016 | reprinted in Irish Examiner, January 2017

‘The Usher Sisters’ in The Lonely Crowd, autumn 2016

‘The Arborist’ in The Dublin Review, summer 2016

Idioglossia at, June 2016

‘Flight Lines’ in gorse #5, March 2016

Lane in Stay’ in The Long Gaze Back (New Island 2015) | online at The Irish Times

‘Retreat’ in Young Irelanders (New Island 2015)

‘Year of the Jumper’ in The Penny Dreadful, spring 2015

An Optical Illusion in Long Story, Short, January 2015

Wearing the Pinks in The Dublin Review, spring 2014

‘The Recital’ in Town and Country: New Irish Short Stories (Faber 2013)

‘Livewire’ in The Penny Dreadful, spring 2013

‘Lament’ in A Thoroughly Good Blue: New Writing From the Oscar Wilde Centre (Never Simple Press 2012)

Ballot in The Irish Times, January 2012

‘Keep the Wolf From the Door’ in The Stinging Fly, winter 2011 

Cold Cuts in Necessary Fiction, March 2011

‘Caterpillar’ in Sunday Tribune, July 2008 | reprinted in The Irish Independent, October 2011